Cyber Security Services

Protect your business against the latest online threats with our advanced cyber security services. With cyber-attacks on the increase, it’s not “if” your business will be attacked, but “when”. Strong and regularly maintained cyber security practices are essential in stopping the potentially devastating effects of an attack – it’s time to evaluate your systems and strengthen your defences.

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Our cyber security services

With our industry leading cyber security solutions, we offer a range of services to keep you, your data, and your people safe.

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Security Scanning

We use industry leading tools like RapidFire to deliver a 'Deep Dive' assessment of your systems and network. This security scan exposes weaknesses and vulnerabilities across your IT systems that could threaten your business, from computers and servers to software and your network. Detect issues and develop an action plan to safeguard against threats and mitigate your business risk.

Endpoint Protection

Protecting your IT systems is about more than securing your computer or email – it’s keeping your entire system safe, from mobiles to laptops and everything in your network. Bolster your defences with our antivirus monitoring, backups and restoration solutions, and Just-In-Time access to minimise the risk of unauthorised access to data.

Data Protection

A GDPR breach can mean hefty fines if you’re not complaint. Whilst cyber criminals who steal valuable data can cause damage far beyond the financial. We can add layers of protection against malware or phishing, and encrypt data whilst in transit, meaning you can stop attacks head on.

Secure vault

Data Recovery

What happens if your computer fails – would you lose all your data and files, including sensitive client information? Should the worst happen we specialise in Bare Metal Recovery and provide a backup of your cloud solution.

Secure Data Destruction

Replacing or upgrading your IT hardware? Even once discarded, you’re still responsible for any data left on discarded computers or mobiles. We’ll securely dispose of the information stored on your old hardware, ensuring it is never recoverable. We can also remove and recycle any old hardware.

CCTV system


CCTV can play a big part of your overall IT security. Not only does it let you see who has physically accessed your office, you can also record who has had access to your secure data or comms room.
With our outsourced service we’ll ensure your CCTV is monitored, properly maintained and completely secure, so you never have to access the files.
Whether you need a whole new system installed or your old CCTV upgraded - from city centres to remote farmhouses, we can help.

Network Solutions:

For businesses today, having safe and secure network solutions is critical – that’s where we can help, with solutions to protect your business against any threats. Find out about our full options below.

Lightning-fast and safe connectivity.

Custom network solutions

Comprehensive Wi-Fi packages

Leading suppliers - Cisco, Meraki, Ubiquiti

Integrated networks

High speed, reliable connectivity

Broadband, private circuits or Ethernet

World-class security and robust firewalls.

Anti-spam filters

Realtime network monitoring

Universal Threat Management (UTM)

Web content control

Robust internal and external firewalls

Anti-virus protection

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