Discover more about our managed services for Business.....immediate or long term support

A whole lot more than just IT support

We believe your business deserves more than just IT support! We work with you to understand how your business works, we will identify process improvements using the technology you already own. 

Knowing the numbers

It's really important to be able to present your business with the accurate, understandable and realistic financial data.

We will help produce and IT budget, building in costs changes for staffing or additional sites coming online

Security - more than just apps

We offer a number of methods to detect and prevent security issues within your business. Your staff need to be able to identify potential issues, Personally Identifiable Data is and issue, we can find it. Password management a headache for most, but we can help.

If you give us a few basic detail we will en devour to contact you within 60 minutes.

Digital Orchard IT' s guarantee

If your not 100% satisfied with our performance within the first 6 months you are able to give us a call and cancel all we ask is for one months notice. We will help you transition to another supplier to ensure your bsuiness goes disruption free.

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